Friday, April 29, 2011

Zoya Sunshine: Tanzy

Here is the third lacquer from Zoya's Sunshine Collection that was released for this summer. Sunshine has 6 sparkling summery shades, each with lots of golden glitter. Zoya Tanzy is the perfect summer orange. Orange doesn't always look very good with my skin, but all the golden glitter in Tanzy made it look very nice on my skin tone. It applied well, like most Zoyas do. I needed 2 coats for opacity. The glitter in Tanzy is completely smooth to the touch, something I really like. It is a beautiful color for summer.

 This is 2 coats Zoya Tanzy and no top coat, so you can see the polish's shine.

It almost looks juicy!

Zoya Tanzy is a real winner for me. It's juicy, sparkly, bright, and so summery. It is flattering on my skin and easy to apply. The only downside was the annoying removal -- I ended up with glitters all over my fingers. Honestly, Tanzy is worth it though. It wears well and looks pretty. 

- Aly

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Borghese Mediterraneo Sea

Hi, everyone! Today I'll be showing you my first Borghese. It's called Mediterraneo Sea, from the Holiday 2010 Collection. This is a really cool polish. It has a dark blue base color, and it's chock full of glitter. The glitters are blue, silver, green, purple, and some even look a little holographic. It dried matte, but I didn't like it that way, so you'll be seeing it with Seche on top. I had no application problems.

Here are 2 coats Borghese Mediterraneo Sea and 1 coat Seche Vite.

I couldn't really figure out a graceful way to hold the bottle, sorry about that. But look at the color! It is super unique in my opinion, I have nothing like it. It wasn't very difficult to remove, considering it's a glittery polish. Borghese Mediteranneo Sea is really cool!

- Aly

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: OPI Don't Know...Beets Me!

This is my second Mean Girls-inspired post for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I chose to show you guys one of my new OPIs. This is OPI Don't Know...Beets Me! It's kind of a silly name, like lots of OPI polishes, but it is a very nice color. Though not unique, it's a pretty bright pink crème. The application was flawless. It took two average coats and looks so nice. I know it isn't anything groundbreaking as far as color goes, but it is really gorgeous. Everyone needs a nice pink!

This is 2 coats OPI Don't Know...Beets Me! and 1 coat Seche Vite.

And, because I have lots of trouble leaving a mani plain, I decided to do a funky French with it. I used OPI Flit a Bit, which is another summer crème. It's a bright orange. I used Scotch tape for the tips. I loved this look. It is simple but interesting.

I really like this. It's very cute and super summery.

- Aly

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nubar 2010 with OPI Dating a Royal

After a day or two of wearing OPI Dating a Royal, I decided to add two layers of Nubar 2010. Nubar 2010 is a clear polish filled with awesome flakies. It's so pretty. Check out the difference it made with OPI Dating a Royal! It's like a whole new polish. Nubar 2010's flakies shine orange, green, gold, and blue depending on the angle. What a cool flakie :)

1 coat OPI Dating a Royal, 2 coats Nubar 2010.

I know Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure is really sought-after right now, but I think Nubar 2010 is just as awesome. Plus, it's easy to find. I got mine for $4 on ebay. It's so cool, and adds new dimension to any of the polishes you might already have.

- Aly

Sunday, April 24, 2011

OPI Dating a Royal

OPI Dating a Royal is a gorgeous royal blue. It's very opaque, and it was a one coat wonder for me :) I really love the OPI formula on colors like this -- super pigmented, and super creamy. It didn't stain my fingers or nails at all either! It also looked so great on the nail. I wasn't that excited for it, but I picked it up anyway, hoping I might be surprised. And I was! I love this color so much!

This picture is ONE coat OPI Dating a Royal, and 1 coat Seche Vite.
So shiny!
I had such a hard time photographing this beauty! The bright blue was freaking out my camera a lot, so I only picked one to show you. Sorry :(

But still, isn't OPI Dating a Royal gorgeous?

- Aly

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoya Mod Matte Collection Review

Zoya came out with a matte collection for summer, called Mod Matte. The colors are very bright and summery, and, of course, all have a matte finish. Zoya does mattes quite well, in that they aren't too difficult to apply. I never wear nail polish long enough to really test the wear on them, but they seemed okay throughout the day.

First up is Phoebe, a super bright blue with hidden shimmer. The shimmer really adds a lot to the color, and I think Phoebe is my favorite from the collection. This is 2 coats of Zoya Phoebe, no top coat.

Zoya Mitzi is an incredibly bright yellowy green. It was more flattering on my skin tone than expected. It doesn't have the shimmer that Phoebe has, but the color is so unique that I don't mind. This is 3 coats of Zoya Mitzi, no top coat.

Lolly is the final polish from the Zoya Mod Mattes. She's a bright pink matte, again without any shimmer. I kind of wish Lolly had shimmer, since the hot pink isn't a very unique color on its own. However, Zoya Lolly is still very pretty and summery. This is 2 coats Zoya Lolly, no top coat.

So what do you think? I liked all three. They are pretty, unique, and really deliver a nice matte finish. Keep in mind that Zoya is currently doing their Nail Polish Exchange, which is an awesome deal! You pay $4 a polish, including shipping and handling. They'll take any old polishes you don't want anymore and dispose of them properly. It's a pretty cool deal :)

In other news, I am getting close to 50 followers, so I'm putting together a giveaway for everyone :) Any requests?

- Aly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoya Sunshine: Reva and Kimmy

I bought six colors from Zoya's summer collections, all of which are from the Sunshine half. I love the crèmes in Summertime too, but I couldn't afford to get them all. Here are the first two colors from Zoya Sunshine, Zoya Reva and Zoya Kimmy.

Reva is a beautiful fuchsia color, full of golden sparkle. All the Sunshine colors have this shimmery gold, and it really lights up the polishes and makes my skin tone look great. Reva covered excellently in two coats, and had a lot of shine on her own. I didn't add any top coat for the pictures. The removal was quite easy for a polish with so much glitter, though I did have some leftover glitters left on my fingers. Zoya Reva is truly gorgeous.
 With light through the window.
 In shade.
So pretty!

Kimmy is the second lacquer in Zoya's Sunshine Collection. Kimmy is a bright candy apple red color, again filled to the brim with that gorgeous golden microglitter. The pictures are two coats of Kimmy, with no top coat. You can see how naturally shiny she is!
 Kimmy without direct sunlight.
 Kimmy in window light.

I am really liking both of these colors. They are incredibly flattering, wear well, and apply well too. The golden microglitter adds a lot of depth and interest to these colors. Zoya Reva and Zoya Kimmy are both winners in my book :)

- Aly

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Golden Rose Paris Holographic 109

Golden Rose is a Turkish company that makes a lot of great holos at reasonable prices. I bought this and the other polishes in my haul from their US website. They offer free shipping over $20, and it is pretty fast too. I really recommend buying some Golden Rose holos. They aren't the strongest out there, but they are cheaper and still very beautiful.

Golden Rose 109 is described as lilac on the website, and I think that is a good description. In fact, the color is remarkably close to OPI DS Diamond, and could be considered a dupe. I'll be doing a comparison post soon. These pictures are 3 coats Golden Rose Paris Holographic 109 and 1 coat Seche Vite.

Once again, I seriously recommend this brand. They have some great polishes and prices.

- Aly

Thursday, April 14, 2011

OPI Absolutely Alice + Haul

OPI Absolutely Alice was released as part of the limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection.  It is a beautiful glitter, and very popular. I'm really glad I got my bottle early, because now it's selling for crazy prices on ebay. OPI Absolutely Alice is a glitter polish made up of royal blue and gold glitters. It shines like crazy! I have been in love with this color since I got it. It's one of my emptiest bottles of polish.

The pictures are 2 coats of OPI Absolutely Alice and 1 coat Seche Vite.

How gorgeous is that?! Seriously, this is one of the most dynamic and beautiful colors I own. The formula is getting a little wonky on mine, so I think it could use some Seche Restore. But, it still covers well in two coats. Without top coat, Absolutely Alice feels super rough, kind of like sandpaper. But 1 or 2 coats of Seche Vite evened everything out.

Haul :)
I finally got my Zoya polishes in the mail. They were on backorder. Here we have the entire Sunshine Collection and the Mod Mattes Collection Minis, both of which I will be showing you soon. I also received free gifts with the order, Zoya Remove+ and Qtica Smart Spa Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub. I haven't tried Remove+ yet, so I'm really happy to have gotten a free sample. The sugar scrub is AWESOME. I recommend it highly -- my hands are so soft!

Here are polishes I got today. I received Pure Ice Skinny Dip from my parents in a care package. I'm so glad they support my little obsession :) I also got OPI Don't Know...Beet's Me!, OPI Dating a Royal, and OPI DS Diamond. The school salon has a buy 5 get the 6th free deal, so I got Dating a Royal and Don't Know...Beet's Me! for 8 bucks total! Also, I found DS Diamond in the clearance bin! I have no clue why it was there, but it only cost 4 dollars :) I love hunting for htf's.

- Aly

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OPI What's With the Cattitude? and Patchwork Mani

Continuing with April's blue polish swatching in honor of Autism Awareness Month, here is OPI What's With the Cattitude? It's from the Shrek Collection OPI did, and it is one of my favorite spring polishes. What's With the Cattitude? is a baby blue crème. It's a pastel, but it applies quite well despite that. OPI really does have a great formula.

These pictures are 2 thicker coats of OPI What's With the Cattitude and 1 coat Seche Vite top coat.

That night, I decided to add a little extra to What's With the Cattitude?, so I did a blue patchwork manicure. I used Scotch tape to do the additional colors, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and China Glaze For Audrey. Then I covered it all with another coat of Seche Vite. In real life, China Glaze For Audrey didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped, so I will have to try another combination next time.

- Aly

Current Giveaways

Here are some current giveaways I am entering.

First is You Nailed It!'s Deborah Lippman giveaway. The exact color is going to be a surprise, so I just threw in a picture of the famous Across the Universe.

Diava's Lacquer Box is holding a giveaway of Gosh Holographic. Holy cow! I really want this polish, and I'm sure you do too.  Look at the cute holo ribbon she added :) 

Mon Coin à Moua is having an absolutely GIGANTIC giveaway. I honestly don't think I have ever seen one this big. The prizes are awesome.

Gilded Nails is holding a giveaway of two BB Couture polishes, Love Bug and Daisy Dweller.

OMG Polish 'Em is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 readers. It includes a lot of Model's Own and Chez Delaney products.

Never Ending Obsession is giving away some sweet BYS Color Changing polishes.

Life and Polish is giving away the entire China Glaze Island Escape Collection!
Nail Polish Obsession is having a big Essence and Catrice giveaway. 
Varnish Vixen is doing a Spring giveaway. What a great way to start the season!

Okay, I think that's all of them! Entering giveaways is so fun. I haven't won one yet, but hopefully I'll get lucky in the future. Maybe when I hit 50 followers I will do a giveaway of my own :)

- Aly

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + Golden Rose Fantastic Color 150

Here's another beautiful blue for Autism Awareness Month. This is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in Pacific Blue. Whew, what a long name! This is a super pigmented blue. It is hard to describe the color itself; it's a very bright cornflower-type blue. It's a crème, and it applies super easily.  For being a drugstore polish, Pacific Blue is downright awesome. I had no application or drying problems, it's very pigmented, and I love the color!

The pictures are 2 coats of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

I'd say the last picture is the most color accurate. This is a very cheap polish, and it's gorgeous. I think any nail polish lover should own Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.

Then, I wanted to try out one of my new Golden Rose polishes. I picked Golden Rose Fantastic Color 150, which is a sparse holographic glitter with small glitter particles and string glitter. This is two coats of Golden Rose Fantastic Color 150 over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, without any top coat.

I liked this combo a lot. The glitter added a cool effect, but was sparse enough that I could easily see the vibrant color underneath. It was a very happy looking mani. 

- Aly

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nubar Indigo Illusion

As Autism Awareness Month continues, I'm swatching all of my blue polishes. This is Nubar Indigo Illusion, a really strong duochrome lacquer. It covered incredibly well, with two thin coats for maximum opacity. It also dried very quickly, something that seems to be typical among Nubar polishes. The duochrome shines blue, green, gold, and mauve. I tried to capture some different angles, so you can see the different colors within Nubar Indigo Illusion. Trust me, a picture can't do this polish justice -- it's very beautiful and complex in real life.

All the pictures were taken indoors and without topcoat. This polish is quite shiny on its own. I had trouble getting the blue-ish color to show up, but it is there in real life. This is probably the strongest duochrome I own. I guess it's technically a multichrome, since Nubar Indigo Illusion is composed of lots of colors. I really liked this polish, and highly recommend getting it.

- Aly