Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke! This was sold as a very limited edition release of only 275 bottles. I woke up early and headed to the website to order right away, and ended up with bottle number 202. Unicorn Puke is a purple tinted base filled with lots of beautiful flakies. Given that purple is my favorite color and I love flakies, Unicorn Puke was basically destined to make its way into my top 20 polishes.

I wanted to try Unicorn Puke on its own instead of layering it, and it took 3 coats to be opaque enough. True to Cult Nails formula, Unicorn Puke went on easily and didn't get clumpy or anything with 3 coats. I was also amazed that all the flakies were completely flat on the nails. The purple base ended up having a nice jelly finish which adds lots of depth to this lacquer. On top I added Seche Vite to dry it quickly.

Click these pictures! They are gorgeous up close!

As you can see, this polish has lots of different sizes and colors of flakies. To me, it looks like it's mainly an orange/red flakie and a green/blue flakie. The base was sheer at first but was very buildable. Just for fun, I took a picture that includes the Unicorn Puke label.

Isn't this the best?! I love the color, I love the flakies, and I love the funny name. Maria was right on with calling this one Unicorn Puke. It's cute and quite descriptive, if you ask me. Did you manage to get your hands on a bottle of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke? If not, keep in mind that Cult Nails will be re-releasing it as part of their Winter collection under the (also awesome) name Clairvoyant.

- Aly

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby: Believe Me, It's Real

Here's another beautiful glitter from the limited edition Ice Baby collection by Wet N Wild. So far, I am really loving these! Believe Me, It's Real is pretty much an exact dupe to Nails Inc Connaught Square. That makes me very happy because it is much cheaper and, since Wet N Wild is .34 fl oz and Nails Inc is .33 fl oz, you get the a bit more polish for your money.

Believe Me, It's Real has the same composition as It's All in the Cut -- tiny glitters and some bigger hex glitters in a clear base. In Believe Me, It's real we have lots of tiny royal blue glitter and larger purple hexes. Application was also exactly the same. A little thick, but opaque in two coats. Thirsty, but smooth with two coats of Seche Vite.

So shiny!

I know some people have been having a hard time finding the Ice Baby collection. Keep looking! It is worth the wait :)

This makes me want to drool!

Remember that all the pictures are clickable to get a better, closer look. I'd also like to say that these pictures are without any clean up. It was just that easy to control! Sometimes with glitter polishes I feel like glitter creeps up under my cuticles, but I didn't have that problem with Believe Me, It's Real.

All in all, the Wet N Wild Ice Baby glitters are great thus far. I am looking forward to showing you the others that I picked up.

- Aly

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby: It's All in the Cut

I spotted the Wet N Wild Ice Baby glitters at my local Walgreens today! They are even more beautiful in person than I expected. I picked up a few, and wanted to show one off right away. I think It's All in the Cut is very unique! It is a clear base with tons of tiny lavender glitter and larger peach hex glitter. It's an interesting and beautiful combination.

Application was pretty good. The polish is quite thick, so I had a little trouble but it wasn't terrible. It only took two coats to be opaque. I'm pretty impressed by that! This was a bit of a thirsty glitter, so I topped it off with two coats of Seche Vite to make sure it wasn't gritty.

I am loving this color!

Some of the other glitters in Ice Baby are basically perfect dupes for some of the Nails Inc glitters. I like dupes a lot, but I am happy that Wet N Wild also added some unique and gorgeous polishes like It's All in the Cut. 

It's All in the Cut is a winner as far as I am concerned. It is so shiny and light catching on the nail. Each of the Wet N Wild Ice Baby glitters is $2.99. I think that is a great deal for such a special glitter! What do you think of this one?

- Aly

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Glitter + Matte Top Coat = GORGEOUS

Hi! Today I wanted to show you guys a NOTD. This one was to cheer me up during this round of midterm exams. Isn't it funny how pretty nails can make a girl's day? Anyway, I used a gorgeous glitter from Ruby Kisses called Crazy Night Out for the first time for this mani and it is BEAUTIFUL. Crazy Night Out is a clear base filled with magenta micro glitter, big magenta hex glitter, and round holographic glitters. So pretty!

Here I am wearing one coat of Ruby Kisses Crazy Night Out over 2 coats of Elizabeth Arden Greenwich Grapevine, which is a lovely rich magenta shimmer. On top of that I have Orly Matte Top, my personal favorite matte top coat.

I just love the look of matte glitter. It's almost as pretty as matte flakies :) I was really impressed with the Ruby Kisses formula. One thin coat yielded a ton of pretty glitters! I will definitely be perusing their shelves more carefully the next time I am at the beauty supply.

So I'm almost done with midterms now -- just one left on next Thursday. It feels great to have a few days to relax. I hope everyone reading who might be in college had good luck on their exams! Thanks for reading and have a great day :)

- Aly

EDIT: I just realized this is my 100th post! WOW!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Franken: Nénuphar

Hi everyone! I hope you'll forgive me for posting a green on Wednesday :) I just had to show you this franken I made using Spectraflair pigment! If you haven't gotten your hands on some Spectraflair yet, I recommend you do. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way. Plus, I feel like a mad scientist every time I franken. Mwhahaha!

Nénuphar, French for lily pad, is a light green holographic polish. It covered really really well and I only needed one coat! I've been tweaking it for a while now, but I think I am finally satisfied with my creation.

Sadly, the weather here in Saint Louis is horrible. It's been rainy and cold, so there wasn't any sunshine to photograph my baby in. Nonetheless, I wanted to show Nénuphar off :) I will definitely have to reswatch when it's sunny out.

I love it!

You can see in the macro shot below just how pretty Nénuphar is. It reminds me of springtime and fresh flowers. :)

So what do you think of my finally finished franken? I'm very happy with Nénuphar. Frankening is just so fun. I hope you like it! 

- Aly

P.S. If you missed my post about my last franken, Tempête d'Été, click HERE to see it. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chanel Péridot

This fall I caved in and purchased my first ever Chanel; it's called Péridot and I am sure you have heard of it already because it's been making a huge impact lately. Péridot was released limited edition along with Graphite and Quartz. While the other two are pretty, Péridot is the one that captured my desire. It was a challenge to find this one. I stopped at my local Chanel counter and they said they were completely out of Péridot. Luckily, I spotted what looked to be an unused tester in the display case and the specialist was willing to sell it to me. My bottle even has "Tester only" printed on the back of the bottle. I feel so lucky to have snatched up my first Chanel in such a manner!

Look at this amazing polish, and remember all pictures are clickable for a better look. These pictures show 2 thin coats of Péridot and one of Seche Vite.

2 coats, indirect sunlight

Chanel really created a beauty when they made Péridot -- it's gold, it's green, it's shiny, it's everything any girl could want in a fall lacquer. This duochrome goes in incredibly smoothly. I feel like I got what I paid for in the case -- great color and great quality. 

Are you drooling yet? I swear I couldn't take my eyes of my hands when I wore this. It was difficult to take it off honestly! The different shades of gold and green that show up at different angles are absolutely captivating.

Just wow!

If other Chanel colors are similar in application to Péridot, I want more. Good for me, bad for my poor old wallet. :)

Against some fallen leaves, you can really see how perfect this color is for the season. Chanel Péridot has jumped instantly into my top 20 polishes. It's absolutely stunning, and I think it makes my hands look nice too. What do you think of Péridot? Is it worth the price tag?

- Aly

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather: Nite Owl

This is the final polish from Birds of a Feather, and I love it! I wasn't expecting much when I saw the promo photos, but Nite Owl is gorgeous. It's a nice taupe base filled with super pretty silver shimmer. The shimmer is obvious both indoors and out, and it adds a lot to this color. As much as everyone has een talking about Fowl Play, I think we need to take a second and spend some time on Nite Owl too. It's absolutely unique to my collection and the formula is to die for.

Just two easy coats for full coverage. It was incredibly easy to control when applying, and it had great staying power. Believe it or not, I have actually worn this one four or five times already. It's a lovely neutral with a little something extra.

Isn't Nite Owl just beautiful? I'm not usually one for nudes or neutrals, but this one looks beautiful on. This one deserves more attention and more love. 

Altogether, I think Orly did a great job with Birds of a Feather. Though not every color suited my fancy, Orly really came up with some unique colors and great formulas. My tops are Lucky Duck, Fowl Play, and Nite Owl. Which do you like best?

- Aly

Monday, October 10, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather: Sea Gurl

Here's another polish from Orly's recent Birds of a Feather Collection. Sea Gurl is a dark gray metallic polish with lots of shimmer. It's pretty and a bit different from most pewters. The shimmers seem to be multicolored up close, which adds some nice depth to the shade. For some reason, Sea Gurl gave me intense lobster hand syndrome. I had to go in and color correct the pictures because it made my fingers look *so* red. Ick.

Despite the lobster hands, Orly Sea Gurl is still a pretty and interesting shade. It's also somewhat of a chameleon on me -- sometimes it leans more green, sometimes more brown, and sometimes it's just a true pewter. 

As you can see, Sea Gurl shows some brushstrokes. And, as you may know, I hate brushstrokes. Unfortunately, that really turned me off to this lacquer, so I will be swapping it. That said, if you can stand a few brushstrokes, you should definitely try out Sea Gurl. The shimmer is to die for and the formula is nice as well.

- Aly

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather: Fowl Play

Fowl Play has been getting a ton of buzz, and it deserves it. Orly did an amazing job with this one -- it's incredibly complex. Fowl Play has a dark purple jelly base, and is jam packed with flakies and glitter. It's a lot of pretty in one polish. After putting this one on, I just wanted to stare at my nails and drool over them all day. It's truly gorgeous both indoors and out, but in the sun it really shines.

Take a look! These pictures are two coats of Orly Fowl Play and 1 coat of Seche Vite on top.

So pretty! Trust me when I say you'll want to click these pictures to see them full size. Up close, Fowl Play is incredibly beautiful.

I couldn't pick just one picture to show you. This baby is so photogenic! Every angle shows a little different side of Fowl Play. The flakies, the blue glitter, the tiny microglitters... So much to love.

What a beauty! This polish is a must-have. I think Orly knocked it out of the park. Some have compared this lacquer to OPI's Merry Midnight. They are close, but comparisons show that the jelly base of Fowl Play is a bit deeper and the polish is overall more pigmented. Basically, Fowl Play is Merry Midnight on steroids -- it's deeper, more full of glitter and flakies, and easier to apply. 

You need to get your hands on this! Every polish lover should add this to their collection. I promise you won't regret it :) 

- Aly

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Orly Birds of a Feather: Lucky Duck

First off, I LOVE this name. I think it's so cute :) Actually, it might be lucky too. I wore it during the most recent Packer game and they won. I think that might have to be a new tradition! Orly Lucky Duck is a medium green crème. It's the only crème in the Birds of a Feather collection, and I think Orly did a great job with it.  Though the color isn't incredibly unique, the formula is just lovely! It was a very easy two coats until this polish looked perfect. As always, I'm wearing Seche Vite in the pictures.

You can see my tips have some wear, but this was after 3 days of wearing Lucky Duck! I think that is pretty impressive. Like I said, I think the formula on this polish is great. It went on easy, and it stayed on well with no chips.

The only downside to Lucky Duck is its dupe-ability. OPI Jade is the New Black and Julep Emilie are quite close. If it would help you all out, I'd be happy to do a comparison between them. I haven't tried Emilie yet because I just received it (in my first Maven box!!) but I will be reviewing that box as soon as I finish Birds of a Feather.

So, what do you think of the collection so far? I know there have been pictures of these floating around all over the blogosphere, but they are so pretty I just had to share.

- Aly

P.S. I have so many pretty polishes queued up. After Birds of a Feather, I'll be reviewing my first Julep Maven shipment, then Revlon Royal Cloak and two Chanels. Plus, I've just swapped for GOSH Holographic! It's going to be a fun couple weeks :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And the winner is...

First I'd like to thank everyone who entered my 200 Follower Giveaway. It was amazing to see all the suggestions and encouragement from my readers, and the amount of entries blew me away! Over 160 people entered, and with the extra entry options there were 245 entries total. That is awesome - again, thanks so much :)

Now I'm sure all you want to see is the winner's name, right?

Congratulations, Holly! 

I have emailed her and she has 48 hours to respond. If she does not, I will draw again. Thanks again, everybody!

- Aly