Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Velvet Collection

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Welcome back! Today I have a six-piece set from Sinful Colors. This mini collection is called the Trend Matters Velvets, and all six colors have a shimmered satin finish. I totally see the velvet inspiration in the polishes -- they dry looking smooth but still a bit glowy.  All my swatches show the polishes without topcoat, as that is how they were designed to be worn. Look below to see!

First up is Sinful Colors Kashmere, an off-white that dries satin-matte. This applied just alright (not great) in three thin coats and had the toughest formula out of the bunch.

Next we have Sinful Colors Karma, which is one of my favorites from the collection. This is a dark pink with golden shimmer in it. It dries satin and looks nice with two thin coats.

The third polish is called Kurtsey. All these K names are killing me! But this polish is really beautiful on the nail, so I won't get too annoyed by the name. This is a light blue with golden shimmer. It also dries satin. This is two thin coats.

Next up is Silhouette, a lavender with a pink tinge to it. It also has the same lovely golden shimmer. This polish was a bit less opaque, so I used three thin coats for the photo.

This next one up is the odd one of the bunch. It's a lovely color that I think I'll get use out of this holiday season, but it doesn't fit with the color palette of the others. This is I Klove You (okay, this name is too silly!) and it is a dark chocolate brown with gold shimmer. It covers well in two thin coats, which is what I am wearing in the photo.

Finally, I saved the best for last! This is Kommotion, and it is my favorite because of its gorgeous cornflower blue base color, stand-out gold shimmer, and relatively easy formula (for a satin). This polish is a really winner for me. I have also been wearing it with topcoat to bring out that shimmer, so I will try to post that look as well.

What you see below is two thin coats of Kommotion, no topcoat.

Pretty, right?

Overall, I enjoyed this collection. Kommotion stands out to me as a favorite, whereas I think I am least likely to get frequent wear out of Kashmere because it looks a bit stark on my skin tone. Sinful Colors are in a great, affordable price range and are easy to find in drugstores, so I'd recommend you go out hunting for Kommotion at least!

If you like the full set, it is sold in a cute collectible that holds all six polishes, is closed with velcro at the top, and looks really nice! I'm not a follower of the Kardashians or Jenners, but I know that that will be a selling point for some Kylie fans. Honestly, I can't wait to try these with topcoat just to see how much more shimmery and beautiful they'll be :) What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

- Aly

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