My first ever Saran Wrap Nails!

6:12:00 PM

So, I have been seeing this new look around lots of blogs. It is a really beautiful look and it is really easy to do! You just scrunch up some Saran Wrap, dip it in a drop of polish, and dot it onto your nails. It gives a cool sponged, tie-dye type of look.

For my version, I used three of the new Salon Perfect polishes I was recently sent for review: Purple Sorbet, Plum Sorbet, and Blue Raspberry. I guess I was just really drawn to the cool colors :) I started with a base of Purple Sorbet, which is a medium light purple. Then I used Saran Wrap to add a layer of Plum Sorbet and Blue Raspberry.

I am really happy with this look. It was easy to achieve but it definitely is more special than your average manicure. Have you tried this look yet? If not, get on it! :) It is so easy and super pretty!

- Aly

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