China Glaze Deviantly Daring

3:18:00 AM

Tomorrow (well, technically today) I don't have any class! We have a bit of a break for a special mass of some sort, but I am using my break to shop and sleep in! I figured tonight would be perfect for a late-night blog session. 

This polish is one that has quickly jumped into my favorites of all time. China Glaze Deviantly Daring is from the Bohemian collection, and I used it as a base for my gradient the other day. It is saturated and super shiny! Deviantly Daring does have a teal to blue duochrome effect as well, though it is a bit hard to capture at times. There are minimal brushstrokes considering the fact that Deviantly Daring is both metallic and duochrome. That makes me a happy blogger :) In these pictures, I am wearing 2 thin coats. 

Pretty, right? Well, wait till you see this next shot. I know it's an odd angle, and I know my cleanup isn't the best... but look at the colors! I love how to duochrome in Deviantly Daring comes out to play.

There you have it! Once again, I love the Bohemian polishes from China Glaze. You gotta trust me on this one -- it's gorgeous. Deviantly Daring is unique to my collection and I just love how bold the color is! 

Have you tried any duochrome polishes from China Glaze? What do you think?

- Aly

**this product was sent for review**

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  1. Agreed :) Stunning, if you ask me!

  2. This is so pretty!!!!

  3. Thanks, TikiBarbie!

  4. wow, this color is so vibrant and fantastical... it reminds me of something you would find on another planet, some underwater world perhaps.