Layla Ceramic Effect 54 Green Galaxy

5:28:00 PM

Hi again!

Here I am with another Layla post. I am just as excited about this one as the last one. Layla Ceramic Effect polishes are supposed to have a very smooth finish, and I found that to be the case with 54 Green Galaxy. Of course, I did top coat it for longevity's sake. Green Galaxy has a deep green jelly base and several sizes of bright emerald glitters. Here I am wearing two coats, and you can see it looks a bit uneven up close in the sun. I didn't notice it in person, though!

Again, I have no words. Layla CE 54 Green Galaxy truly does have a galactic look. It's very pretty and has lots of depth. I love the tiny glitters that really add dimension to the polish. Actually, I just love all the parts. All of them!

I am honestly considering a second day trip to Italy just to go back to that cosmetics store. Is that totally crazy?! 

- Aly

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