Couronne d'Or Vernis Glitterbomb!

4:37:00 PM

I was feeling a little creative the other day, just staring at my Crown Jewels glitters and trying to think of something original to do with them. Eventually, I decided I would layer all 5 of them on top of each other!

I think I should have put Diamant on last, since the silver glitters are hidden by the other 4 colors. But nonetheless, I really like this look. It's really fun and bright and crazy, even without a base color. I did 1 coat of each Crown Jewels glitter topper. These photos are without topcoat, so you can see how smoothly these dry! As always, click the picture to get a closer look :)

So. Much. Glitter. Of course I am familiar with all the Couronne d'Or polishes (I made them!), but I was surprised by how great they look all on top of each other. I was worried it might be a bit much, but instead I think it's like Happy Birthday on steroids!

As always, my Etsy shop is HERE and there is a link in the sidebar as well. A big thank you to all that have taken a look at my polish babies!

- Aly

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  1. So pretty!! I like it applied without a color underneath as it makes it look like crystals are floating. Very cool.