Christmas Skittle Manicure!

11:04:00 PM

Hey there!

Today I have an out-of-season manicure for you! As December has just begun, I have been getting all ready for Christmas season. I'm not super religious, but I just love the season and the festivities. I recently went to a holiday themed dance with my sorority, and I dressed as Christmas. I wore a tacky sweater and matched my nails to it. Here are the skittles I came up with! 

The polishes are as follows:
  • Pinky: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Go Green! as the background, China Glaze Winter Berry for the garland, Butter London Fiddlesticks glitter on top
  • Ring: Orly Au Champagne as background, Wet N Wild Black Creme for the spots
  • Middle: Wet N Wild Black Creme as background, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Go Green! as holly leaves, China Glaze Winter Berry for berries, Zoya Kimmy to add shimmer
  • Index: Zoya Kimmy for background, Born Pretty handplaced glitter
Here is another angle of my handiwork :)

To do these skittles, I used only a dotting tool. As always, I take pictures of my dominant hand, meaning that all the detail work was done with my non-dominant hand. I think I am getting pretty good with my left hand! 

If you're wondering why I used a dalmatian pattern, it is because my tacky sweater has dalmatian puppies on it. Here's a picture of DBF and I before the dance, including the sweater on which I based these skittles. 

I hope you liked these skittles! Hopefully they get you in the holiday mood :)

- Aly

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