Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer I Tap on Apps

Today I have a new brand for you! One of the things I love about being a blogger is learning about all the new brands and polishes coming out. This polish is by a new line called Pomegranate Nail Lacquer. All the polishes are 4 Free and they do not do any animal testing, which is always a plus. Plus the colors are very pretty and varied!

The polish I am wearing today is called I Tap on Apps. Isn't that just the cutest name? This shade is a light blue with really pretty silver shimmer. I love the way the shimmer looks in the sun -- it is just really gorgeous. Here I am wearing 2 easy coats.

Love this shimmer!

When I first received this polish, I was a little nervous it might be too brushstroke-y for me. However, I had no problems at all with that! The brush and formula were both nice, and the color is definitely unique to my collection. Good job, Pomegranate!

All the Pomegranate Nail Lacquer polishes are $9.00 and they have lots of shades! Click HERE to shop :)

What do you think of this new brand and color?

- Aly

** this product was sent for review**

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

butter LONDON Sale!

Wanted to let you girls know about a really good butter LONDON deal. Right now you can get 3 polishes for $30! I know I love BL, and usually they are much more expensive, so I wanted to pass this on :)

- Aly

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

China Glaze Polarized

When China Glaze advertised the Prismatic glitter collection, they called them "holographic." This did not go over well with the nail community, because none of them are holographic at all. However, they are all gorgeous, complex glitters. Each has a base with lots of microglitters and some larger ones, and some have duochrome shifting bases. Very pretty.

This one is called Polarized, and it is mainly silver glitter with a rainbow of slightly l
arger glitters. I was lucky and found it in a clearance bin at Sally Beauty. Here is China Glaze Polarized at 2 coats with Seche Vite on top.

Click me, I'm pretty!

Even though lots of people were on a witch hunt against China Glaze after calling these "holographic," but frankly, I am more concerned with how pretty the polish is. And this one is certainly pretty! It is a lot more special than your average silver glitter. 

- Aly

Friday, July 20, 2012

BB Couture for Men: Sinfully Polished - Photos and Review

A few months ago, BB Couture for Men generously sent me the full Sinfully Polished collection. And with class, exams, and moving back home for the summer, I managed to take forever in swatching these polishes. For that, I apologize -- because these colors are gorgeous!

BB Couture always releases a men's and women's version of their collection. I received the men's half, and it is beautiful. I mean seriously... beautiful. It consists of 7 colors, each named after one of the 7 deadly sins. I have 6 of them for you today: Desire, Selfish, Egotistical, Lazy Bum, Enraged, and Jealously. The best part of these is that they are very unique colors, and the formula is like butter.


Desire is a bright burnt red with lots and lots of golden shimmer. The shade of red is very classy. This shade is ten times prettier in person, and the shimmer really looks great in the sun. 2 coats, no topcoat.

Desire Macro


Selfish is a glowy deep brown polish with stunning shimmer. Very unique. The shimmer is gold and there is also some gorgeous red microglitter. I love this color! 2 coats, no topcoat.

Selfish Macro


Egotistical is a deep glowy purple shade with definite red undertones. It also has rather heavy pink and blue shimmer. Again, this stands out amongst my other purple polishes due to its unique shade and shimmer. 2 coats, no topcoat.

Egotistical Macro

Lazy Bum

Lazy Bum is one of my two favorites from this collection. It was so hard to photograph this; you just can't capture how pretty it is! Lazy Bum is a chocolate milk shade with a hint of mauve in the base. It also silver, green, red, and sparse black glitters. I guarantee you have not seen a shade like this before! 2 coats, no topcoat.

Lazy Bum Macro


Enraged is a deep blue metallic polish with lots of pink, green, and silver shimmer. It seems to have a very slight deep teal duochrome that comes out to play in the shade. Very pretty, and a unique blue. 2 coats, no topcoat.

Enraged Macro


Jealousy is my absolute favorite out of this collection! Just a totally unique, gorgeous polish. Well done, BB Couture! Jealousy is a grey purple base filled with silver, gold, green, and black glitter. It also has a really pretty pink shimmer. 2 coats, no topcoat.

Jealousy Macro

So, there you have it! Again, I apologize for taking so long to share these beauties with you! I am glad that I finally got them posted, and I hope you enjoyed this huge post. If you want to purchase BB Couture for Men polishes, they are available from Overall Beauty and BB Couture's own website

Do you have a favorite BB Couture polish?

- Aly

** these products were sent for honest review **

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tokidoki Latte

Hey, lovely followers!

The other day, I was looking through all the sale items on Sephora. As usual. But usually, I exercise restraint and don't buy anything at all. However, when I saw this really interesting Tokidoki glitter on sale, I jumped at the chance to try a new brand. (I also snatched up Nails Inc Baker Street, but that I don't have an excuse for!)

Everything Tokidoki makes seems to be adorable. They always have the cutest little characters and drawings all over their packaging. Until I tried Latte, though, I knew nothing about the quality itself. Latte is really complex for a big brand glitter. It has lots of tiny blue microglitter, as well as magenta bars and gold holographic ones too. I am happy to report that Latte was awesome! It had great glitter payoff and I had perfect opacity after 3 thin coats. It wasn't too hungry either -- just 1 coat of Seche Vite and I was good to go!

Click to enlarge :)



I seem to be on a roll with polishes lately! This shade is gorgeous and easy to apply. Plus it is just so sparkly in the sun. Oh, and if you're wondering why a blue-dominated glitter is called Latte, it's because that is the name of this little guy! He's one of the Tokidoki characters that decorates their pretty packaging :)

So there you have it! At the moment, this color is sold out on Sephora. But! They have a couple other Tokidoki glitter polishes in stock. I suggest you take a look, because I really love this one and they are only $6.00!

- Aly

Friday, July 13, 2012

Couronne d'Or Vernis Glitterbomb!

I was feeling a little creative the other day, just staring at my Crown Jewels glitters and trying to think of something original to do with them. Eventually, I decided I would layer all 5 of them on top of each other!

I think I should have put Diamant on last, since the silver glitters are hidden by the other 4 colors. But nonetheless, I really like this look. It's really fun and bright and crazy, even without a base color. I did 1 coat of each Crown Jewels glitter topper. These photos are without topcoat, so you can see how smoothly these dry! As always, click the picture to get a closer look :)

So. Much. Glitter. Of course I am familiar with all the Couronne d'Or polishes (I made them!), but I was surprised by how great they look all on top of each other. I was worried it might be a bit much, but instead I think it's like Happy Birthday on steroids!

As always, my Etsy shop is HERE and there is a link in the sidebar as well. A big thank you to all that have taken a look at my polish babies!

- Aly

PSA: Orly on Hautelook Today!

Thought I'd share a little PSA with you all! 

Today, Orly is on Hautelook until 8AM Pacific on Monday morning! I picked up a couple shades, and wanted to let you know that the deal is available for a few more days. 

The polishes are all $4.50, which is a pretty good deal for Orly!

If you aren't a Hautelook member, you can join by clicking my referral link HERE.

- Aly

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ManGlaze ILF

Happy Wednesday! Today I am in a bit of a hurry, so I will try to be concise.

Today I have for you ManGlaze Ilf. This polish is awesome, and I love it a lot. ILF is a matte finish, like everything by ManGlaze. The color itself is stunning, somewhere in between turquoise and teal. It is packed with silvery shimmer and dries in a flash.

Here I am wearing 2 easy coats, no topcoat. Also, check out the bottle design -- so cool!

So, there ya have it. I am once again obsessed with a ManGlaze polish. The completely matte finish just pulls at my heartstrings :) But really, ILF is gorgeous and unique. I am really impressed by the formula, and the bottle design just adds that extra oomph.

- Aly

**this product was sent for review**

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ManGlaze Cabrón

I hope all my American readers had a great 4th of July! I know that my family did, but today I am back to blogging business.

Today I have one of my first ever ManGlaze polishes. ManGlaze makes super duper matte polish in tons of different shades. Cabrón is a very sexy, very vampy matte polish with really lovely shimmer in it. Lots of mattes are a total mess to apply, but ManGlaze Cabrón went on easily in 2 coats. It is very opaque and very fast drying as well.


I am really loving this polish. I have never had a matte polish go on so smoothly, and I think the shimmer makes this shade totally unique. ManGlaze Cabrón is a must-have, as far as I am concerned. The base color is deep and vampy, the shimmer is gorgeous, and the matte finish makes it all kinda badass.

- Aly

**this product was sent for review**

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Speciallità Hits No Olimpo Deméter

Hi there! Today's polish is an extra special one. I received this as a gift from my mom last holiday season, and was wholly surprised that she picked such a unique shade for me.

This is a beautiful linear holographic polish called Deméter and it is made by Speciallità, a Brazilian brand. Speciallità Hits released a collection called No Olimpo, and every polish in it is holographic. They're also named after gods and goddesses. Deméter is the goddess of the harvest, so orange seems to be a fitting shade.

Unlike some holographic shades *cough Nfu Oh cough* this polish applies like a dream, no fancy base coats needed. I used my normal base coat and Deméter went on with ease. Here I am wearing 2 coats with no topcoat.

This shade of orange is so unique! It is a bit mellower than your typical in-your-face, bright orange polish. I have never seen such a classy, muted take on orange before. Speciallità Hits Deméter is very pretty and the holo is to die for!

The only places in the US that sell Speciallità Hits polishes are Llarowe and Ninja Polish, but luckily both of those shops are a pleasure to deal with.

What's your favorite orange polish?

- Aly