Orly Birds of a Feather: Sweet Peacock

11:46:00 PM

Hi everyone! I'm currently working my way through swatching all of the Orly Birds of a Feather collection. It was recently released for the Fall season, and has created quite a bit of buzz on NB and in the blogosphere. Lots of people have been looking forward to Fowl Play, and it *is* beautiful, but I think the other colors deserve some attention too.

Today I will be showing off Sweet Peacock, a vibrant blue foil. Sweet Peacock was super easy to apply. The polish was easy to control and very well pigmented. It took just two thin coats to achieve a gorgeous and vibrant look.

So bright! Orly Sweet Peacock just glows on the nail! I loved wearing this color. Remember you can always click on the pictures to get a better close up view.


In the macro shot you can really see just how foily and pretty Sweet Peacock is. I can't say anything bad about this polish! It was easy to apply, I love the color, and it is super glowy.

Check back tomorrow and the next day for more Orly Birds of a Feather swatches.

- Aly

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  1. So pretty- but I have a question- it looks kind of gritty/grainy...is it???

  2. @Lauren - It wasn't gritty to the touch at all! It was super smooth, especially with a thin coat of Seche Vite on top. For some reason the pictures are misleading...sorry about that!

  3. Thanks for the response, Aly....unfortunately, I now have to add this color to my wishlist :)

  4. YAY I have created a lemming!

  5. ooh this looks a lot like OPI's Swimsuit... Nailed It! (Which I LOVE) How was the removal on this one?

  6. @OPI Addict, the removal was alright. It came off without staining, but (like most foils) took a little elbow grease!