Revlon Waterfall

4:34:00 PM

Hey, guys and gals! Happy Hump Day!

Today's polish, Revlon Waterfall, is a mini bottle that was given to me in a set by my lovely Grandma B. The set also contains 2 other minis, a gorgeous light green and a silver holo glitter topcoat. I believe this set is out of most Walgreen's stores by now, but you might get lucky and find it in the clearance aisle!

Revlon Waterfall is a light blue polish with shimmer. The shimmer seems to be blue, silver, and maybe purple in the bottle. Sadly, most of that gets lost on the nail. :( Still, the shimmer adds some depth to Waterfall. Here I am wearing 3 thin coats.

This is a very clean and fresh looking polish for Spring, but it makes me sad when shimmer gets lost :( I  still like the final look, but I wish it had more complexity from the shimmer. 

- Aly

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  1. If this had pink shimmer it would look just like Sinful Colors Cinderella! I bet adding something like CND Raspberry Sparkle would look amazing.

  2. This looks just like their older color "Blue Lagoon"! So beautiful, but I think they've been renaming again! :O

  3. This is such a lovely polish!! :D I had a mini bottle too but I couldn't help but franken with it.

  4. Oh, how irritating! I hate when companies do that!

  5. That is a really gorgeous blue! Yes, the shimmer does get a little lost but it's still fab.

  6. Really pretty :]