Mattése Elite Je T'aime

8:48:00 PM

Another week flew by, and it is Monday again. I am currently on Fall Break, and had off of school yesterday and I will be off again tomorrow. A much needed rest!

Today I want to show you a quick swatch of Mattése Elite Je T'aime. Mattése Elite is a lesser-known brand sold by Ricky's NYC. Obviously, I do not live in New York, but the polishes are also available online HERE.

Je T'aime is a gorgeous mix of golden and iridescent glitters in a clear base. It would probably look best over darker bases, but I really wanted to see it on its own after using it in this manicure. In the pictures below, I am wearing just one thin coat of Mattése Elite Je T'aime.



This polish really takes on a different look depending on the light. The small iridescent particles are a light blue color in the sun and a golden color in the shade. I am pretty impressed with the coverage I achieved in just one coat. 


Overall, I am really loving this glitter by Mattése Elite. It is a really pretty mix of glitters. There are small iridescent hex glitters and also bigger silver ones. But altogether, the effect is luxe. It is a very subtle and classy way to wear gold glitter. 

Have you tried Mattése Elite? Any recommendations?

- Aly

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