ABC Challenge: H is for Hearts!

10:47:00 PM


I am currently smack dab in the middle of Midterms Week here at SLU. Though exams are rough, I decided to take a little study break to get back up to date with the ABC Challenge. I actually did these nails on time, but couldn't get around to posting them till now. But I am really loving these, so I hope you like them!

All I could think of for "H" was hearts. I tried to make the simple idea a little more interesting by stamping hearts in neon polish over white for a very bright, eye-catching manicure. My white base is a plain white crème from Kiss. I borrowed it from my roommate since I couldn't find my favorite white crème, and this polish was a disaster! It was streaky and smelled terribly! I do not recommend it at all.

For the stamping, I used BM03 from the Bundle Monster set released in 2010. The bright coral hearts are China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, one of my favorite neons. The hot pink is Rei Momo by Mattése Elite, another gorgeous neon! Finally, I added more traditional red hearts with Essie Aperitif.

I really like how the neon shades pop against the white! That said, I definitely could have stamped these a bit more clearly. I wish the hearts did not overlap so much! 

What do you think?

- Aly

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  1. I love this... A lot!! Bright colors are my thing, I'll have to see if I have these stamps!!

  2. Wow this is really nice! They look like paper hearts you did an amazing job here!

  3. Thanks! :) It took forever!