Impala Comes to America! Biquini Vermelho + Disco Ball

4:40:00 PM

Hi there!

I have some exciting news! The Brazilian brand Impala has launched here in the United States! I, for one, am very happy to hear this news. The brand has some gorgeous shades that were previously only available to Americans through a select few stockists, but now we can all try them out! :)

The lovely people at Impala contacted me and sent me a few colors to review. My base is called Biquini Vermelho, Portuguese for "red bikini." I love this color! It's a beautiful red jelly that goes on very evenly. Biquini Vermelho definitely looks a lot more jelly-like in person. I then topped it with a dabbed-on coat of Impala Disco Ball, a clear base with holographic silver glitters.

I really liked the two shades that I tried. Disco Ball could have a bit more glitter density, but it is still a solid basic glitter that everyone should have at least one of! For me, Biquini Vermelho is a real winner. The formula was like buttahhhh. 

Here's a promo image that shows some of varied finishes offered by Impala; they have holos, glitters, shimmers, crèmes... well, pretty much everything! And they are only $4.99 a bottle!

Have you tried Impala in the past? Are you going to check out the line now that they're here in America?

- Aly 

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  1. Where are they sold? I am in search of Na Mira 3D!