China Glaze Bump and Grind

9:13:00 PM

Hello there!

As you probably know, texture is a HUGE trend in nail polish right now. I have to say, I am more on board with this trend than I was with magnetic and crackle polishes. It's just so interesting and unique. The China Glaze Texture collection is unique even amongst textured polishes -- they don't have any glitter, just texture particles that match the base color. 

Today I have China Glaze Bump and Grind for you, a super-saturated bright pink shade filled with textured particles. Bump and Grind offers great coverage, and I'm wearing two very thin coats in these pictures. It's surprising how easy the application is on this. You might expect it to be difficult due to all that texture, but I had no troubles with Bump and Grind. Of course, you have to skip topcoat for these polishes to look their best. Take a look!

Pretty cool, right? I was unsure if I liked the feel of this when I first put it on, but after wearing it all day I really grew to love it. Bump and Grind is unique and it's really interesting to feel your nails with a polish like this on them. It also stood up to a long day at the beach and in the pool on my vacation! Color me impressed!

What do you think about textured polish?

- Aly

**this product was provided for my honest review**

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