New York Summer Amaranth

8:51:00 PM

Here is a beautiful jelly green called Amaranth. I am IN LOVE with this color.  It is a vibrant green jelly. It took 3 coats for maximum opacity, and was well worth each one. One of my friends described it as "looking like candy," which I think was an apt description. The jelly finish looks great on Amaranth. This is one of my first true jellies, and I absolutely love it!

Here are 3 coats New York Summer Amaranth and 1 coat Seche Vite.

Sorry about the nubbins! It's an older picture.

Isn't it beautiful? I absolutely can't get enough of this true jelly finish. New York Summer Amaranth was really cheap on transdesign too, so it was a real steal.

What are your favorite jellies?

- Aly

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  1. That color is really fun! I love it too!

  2. Hi Aly, I'm new to blogging to and I am so impressed at how developed your blog is and how many readers you have in so little time!! I also looove this green color and the jelly finish! One of my favorite green jellies is Green With Envy by Orly :)

  3. Gorgeous colour! :)

  4. @dameliac, I am so glad you like it! You're off to a great start yourself :) I will have to give that Orly a try.

    @Nicole and @Beauty Writer -- Thanks, girls!