Introducing... Couronne d'Or Vernis!

9:46:00 PM

Hi everyone! I have been posting pretty intermittently lately, but there is a good reason why. I have been working hard at making my very own line of indie nail polish!

Couronne d'Or Vernis has become my baby :) The name means golden crown, and I hope that each of these polishes will make the wearer feel like a queen. My first collection is called Crown Jewels, and features 5 glitter toppers to add some excitement to any mani. Take a look!

So, there they are! I have been working so hard on creating polish that I feel is unique and beautiful. This line is my pride and joy! 

I also have a special patriotic polish I've created for the London Olympics and 4th of July! It has lots of red, white, and blue glitters of all shapes and sizes. What really makes it special, though, are the hearts that add a little something extra.

I really hope that you like all the Couronne d'Or Vernis polishes that I have worked so hard to create. The past few weeks have consisted of lots of mixing and experimenting, and I am so happy with these creations.

If you'd like to purchase one of my polishes, please take a look at my shop HERE.

With love,


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  1. Love them! Good luck with your new line! I'll be shopping:)

  2. These are beautiful!! Can't wait to play around with them!

  3. These glitter toppers look amazing! I can't wait to try the Diamant holographic one. :)

  4. Thanks Essie! I hope you love whatever you purchase!