My New Camera and Sinful Shine Most Sinful!

7:09:00 AM

Hi, there!

I finally bought myself a DSLR, both for personal use and to take better pictures for this blog that I love so much. I purchased a Canon Rebel T3i, and I adore it so far! I'm hoping to bring you better quality pictures from now on :)

Take a look a this quick swatch of Sinful Colors Most Sinful, from their Sinful Shine line. Most Sinful is a color I'll never get enough of - vibrant cobalt blue. This is only one coat and no topcoat! It really is shiny! I am very impressed by the pigmentation as well. Love it!

That's all I've swatched with my new camera thus far, but get ready for some beauties in the near future. I have two Laylas coming up soon :)

- Aly

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  1. Thank you! It was a looooooong time comin'!

  2. I have only tried Most Sinful, so I can't speak for the whole range but this shade lasted really well considering I had no top coat. I'd say it went about 4-5 days chip free, with a bit of tip wear.