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This fall I caved in and purchased my first ever Chanel; it's called Péridot and I am sure you have heard of it already because it's been making a huge impact lately. Péridot was released limited edition along with Graphite and Quartz. While the other two are pretty, Péridot is the one that captured my desire. It was a challenge to find this one. I stopped at my local Chanel counter and they said they were completely out of Péridot. Luckily, I spotted what looked to be an unused tester in the display case and the specialist was willing to sell it to me. My bottle even has "Tester only" printed on the back of the bottle. I feel so lucky to have snatched up my first Chanel in such a manner!

Look at this amazing polish, and remember all pictures are clickable for a better look. These pictures show 2 thin coats of Péridot and one of Seche Vite.

2 coats, indirect sunlight

Chanel really created a beauty when they made Péridot -- it's gold, it's green, it's shiny, it's everything any girl could want in a fall lacquer. This duochrome goes in incredibly smoothly. I feel like I got what I paid for in the case -- great color and great quality. 

Are you drooling yet? I swear I couldn't take my eyes of my hands when I wore this. It was difficult to take it off honestly! The different shades of gold and green that show up at different angles are absolutely captivating.

Just wow!

If other Chanel colors are similar in application to Péridot, I want more. Good for me, bad for my poor old wallet. :)

Against some fallen leaves, you can really see how perfect this color is for the season. Chanel Péridot has jumped instantly into my top 20 polishes. It's absolutely stunning, and I think it makes my hands look nice too. What do you think of Péridot? Is it worth the price tag?

- Aly

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  1. I cracked this week too with Peridot and bought it! I'm glad I treated myself, was it worth the £17.50? Yes, but only as a one off :-)

  2. I love the duochrome in it, it's really unique but I wasn't tempted by it as I know my tastes and probably wouldn't wear it myself. But if I would love&wear it like I loved some other Chanels, then of course it's worth the price tag

  3. congratulations!! I really want a Chanel polish :)

  4. I have Peridot too. It's one of the most stunning polishes in my opinion!

  5. *sobs* *flails* *watches wallet cringe in fear*

    ...All I have to say is that somebody better make a dupe for this.

    P.S. I especially love it in the last two pictures. Also, I'm bringing Paradoxal up, so you can borrow it sometime if you like. :)