Orly Birds of a Feather: Fowl Play

8:00:00 PM

Fowl Play has been getting a ton of buzz, and it deserves it. Orly did an amazing job with this one -- it's incredibly complex. Fowl Play has a dark purple jelly base, and is jam packed with flakies and glitter. It's a lot of pretty in one polish. After putting this one on, I just wanted to stare at my nails and drool over them all day. It's truly gorgeous both indoors and out, but in the sun it really shines.

Take a look! These pictures are two coats of Orly Fowl Play and 1 coat of Seche Vite on top.

So pretty! Trust me when I say you'll want to click these pictures to see them full size. Up close, Fowl Play is incredibly beautiful.

I couldn't pick just one picture to show you. This baby is so photogenic! Every angle shows a little different side of Fowl Play. The flakies, the blue glitter, the tiny microglitters... So much to love.

What a beauty! This polish is a must-have. I think Orly knocked it out of the park. Some have compared this lacquer to OPI's Merry Midnight. They are close, but comparisons show that the jelly base of Fowl Play is a bit deeper and the polish is overall more pigmented. Basically, Fowl Play is Merry Midnight on steroids -- it's deeper, more full of glitter and flakies, and easier to apply. 

You need to get your hands on this! Every polish lover should add this to their collection. I promise you won't regret it :) 

- Aly

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  1. I have both Merry Midnight and Fowl Play but am yet to compare, the fowl play swatches look amazing @_@ Definitely a must have for glitter lovers out there!

  2. @Leanne - I've read that Fowl Play tops MM, but I'd love to hear your thoughts once you try it out!

  3. This looks beautiful! I wish ORLY was sold near where I live!

  4. Orly's Out of This World and Lunar Eclipse are much prettier alternatives, in my opinion. Overall, this collection disappointed me! :(