Orly Birds of a Feather: Sea Gurl

10:23:00 PM

Here's another polish from Orly's recent Birds of a Feather Collection. Sea Gurl is a dark gray metallic polish with lots of shimmer. It's pretty and a bit different from most pewters. The shimmers seem to be multicolored up close, which adds some nice depth to the shade. For some reason, Sea Gurl gave me intense lobster hand syndrome. I had to go in and color correct the pictures because it made my fingers look *so* red. Ick.

Despite the lobster hands, Orly Sea Gurl is still a pretty and interesting shade. It's also somewhat of a chameleon on me -- sometimes it leans more green, sometimes more brown, and sometimes it's just a true pewter. 

As you can see, Sea Gurl shows some brushstrokes. And, as you may know, I hate brushstrokes. Unfortunately, that really turned me off to this lacquer, so I will be swapping it. That said, if you can stand a few brushstrokes, you should definitely try out Sea Gurl. The shimmer is to die for and the formula is nice as well.

- Aly

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  1. It is pretty... but I don't think I would get it for the same reasons you don't like it.