Wet N Wild Ice Baby: Believe Me, It's Real

11:10:00 AM

Here's another beautiful glitter from the limited edition Ice Baby collection by Wet N Wild. So far, I am really loving these! Believe Me, It's Real is pretty much an exact dupe to Nails Inc Connaught Square. That makes me very happy because it is much cheaper and, since Wet N Wild is .34 fl oz and Nails Inc is .33 fl oz, you get the a bit more polish for your money.

Believe Me, It's Real has the same composition as It's All in the Cut -- tiny glitters and some bigger hex glitters in a clear base. In Believe Me, It's real we have lots of tiny royal blue glitter and larger purple hexes. Application was also exactly the same. A little thick, but opaque in two coats. Thirsty, but smooth with two coats of Seche Vite.

So shiny!

I know some people have been having a hard time finding the Ice Baby collection. Keep looking! It is worth the wait :)

This makes me want to drool!

Remember that all the pictures are clickable to get a better, closer look. I'd also like to say that these pictures are without any clean up. It was just that easy to control! Sometimes with glitter polishes I feel like glitter creeps up under my cuticles, but I didn't have that problem with Believe Me, It's Real.

All in all, the Wet N Wild Ice Baby glitters are great thus far. I am looking forward to showing you the others that I picked up.

- Aly

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  1. I think I like this one even more than the purple

  2. Okay. Yeah. I'm glad I got this one. SO gorgeous. Also, I'm impressed at its application - I generally expect cheap glitters to be a bit of a pain, though I suppose Wet 'n' Wild's spot-on-ed-ness with Black Creme should be a tip-off that they know what they're doing.