Orly Birds of a Feather: Lucky Duck

2:29:00 PM

First off, I LOVE this name. I think it's so cute :) Actually, it might be lucky too. I wore it during the most recent Packer game and they won. I think that might have to be a new tradition! Orly Lucky Duck is a medium green crème. It's the only crème in the Birds of a Feather collection, and I think Orly did a great job with it.  Though the color isn't incredibly unique, the formula is just lovely! It was a very easy two coats until this polish looked perfect. As always, I'm wearing Seche Vite in the pictures.

You can see my tips have some wear, but this was after 3 days of wearing Lucky Duck! I think that is pretty impressive. Like I said, I think the formula on this polish is great. It went on easy, and it stayed on well with no chips.

The only downside to Lucky Duck is its dupe-ability. OPI Jade is the New Black and Julep Emilie are quite close. If it would help you all out, I'd be happy to do a comparison between them. I haven't tried Emilie yet because I just received it (in my first Maven box!!) but I will be reviewing that box as soon as I finish Birds of a Feather.

So, what do you think of the collection so far? I know there have been pictures of these floating around all over the blogosphere, but they are so pretty I just had to share.

- Aly

P.S. I have so many pretty polishes queued up. After Birds of a Feather, I'll be reviewing my first Julep Maven shipment, then Revlon Royal Cloak and two Chanels. Plus, I've just swapped for GOSH Holographic! It's going to be a fun couple weeks :)

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  1. I love the name of this one! I think I want it mostly for the name but I have been wanting Jade is the new Black forever now so this will hopefully cure that need lol

  2. such a cute name - I was expecting a yellow polish! That is great wear time :)

  3. I'm so on the fence with this color. Everytime I go to the store it's there. I pick it up. Then I put it back. Then I pick it up. Then I end up leaving the store without it. I'm just going to make the move and buy it this time!!

  4. I love the name. Lucky Duck... teehee

  5. @Jess//hello, polish! - You should get it! It's easy to put on and stays well. You want it, trust me :)

  6. @turtlechick12 - It will definitely be a good enough dupe. They are almost impossible to tell apart, plus the application's great. Dooooo it!

  7. I would love to see a comparison post!