Christmas Chevrons

10:04:00 PM

Hi there, and a special hello to all my new followers! The lovely Traci linked to my blog and I am soooo happy to say that I've reached 400 followers with her help! Thanks so much, girls :)

Today for you I have some sparkly Christmas chevrons. The red is Color Club Santa's Cinnamon, which is your classic jelly red with red glitter -- but this one smells delicious! It smells like real cinnamon candies, you know those ones in the red wrappers? Seriously lovely, Color Club did an awesome job with the scent. On the tips, I used China Glaze Glittering Garland. It's a gorgeous deep emerald with green-gold glass flecks. I freehanded the chevron design, but you could use tape if that would be easier :)

I also took a picture of Santa's Cinnamon by itself. I love these glittering reds, they are just so perfect for the holiday season! And honestly, I could rave about the scent all day :D

It's my first full day back home after exams, and I am so happy to be here! I packed about 30 polishes so I could keep blogging during winter break, though some are very summery because I am going on vacation to Puerto Rico! I wanted to do some more tropical shades in celebration of that, especially after all the Christmassy colors I have been wearing.

- Aly

**some of these products were provided for review**

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  1. It sounds yummy with the scented polish, and it's beautiful too. I guess I'm a sucker for red, glittery polishes! :D
    Merry Christmas. :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  3. I love these two glitters! Vibrant red and green. Such nice colors for the holidays!
    Happy Holidays!