Day 17: Glitter -- China Glaze Snow Globe

3:27:00 PM

It's Glitter day! Luckily, the polish companies have been inundating the market with tons of glitter this holiday season. I am a big glitter lover, so that's a welcome development as far as I am concerned :)

China Glaze Snow Globe was a re-release that was recently promoted with their newest holiday collection, Let It Snow. Snow Globe is a clear base filled with two sizes of dense iridescent hex glitters. It is absolutely beautiful in the bottle, and I couldn't wait to get it on my nails. In these pictures, I am wearing it over L.A. Girl Disco in Hustle, a bright purple crème that glows under blacklight.

Click me! I'm even prettier up close!

China Glaze Snow Globe is hands down a big winner. The glitter is packed in very densely, and I was able to get great coverage in 2 easy coats. It didn't go on too thick like some glitters do, and dried totally smooth with 1 thin coat of Seche Vite on top. I am thoroughly impressed! 

- Aly

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