Julep Glitter Pots and a Packer Mani!

7:04:00 PM

First off, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I hope everyone has been having an absolutely lovely holiday season.

In my last Julep Maven box, the same one that had Helena, I also received a gold glitter pot. The idea behind a glitter pot is that it's an easy way to add lots of bling to any mani. You just apply polish normally, wait till it's tacky (not super wet!), and dip your nail into the loose glitter. Since my glitter was gold, and I loooove the Green Bay Packers, I decided to do a Packer manicure.

My base color is Julep Emilie, a lovely green that is a dupe to OPI Jade is the New Black. I prefere Emilie overall though, because it's more opaque and my application went more smoothly.

Click me, I'm pretty xD

I love this glittery look! Hopefully it'll bring the Pack some luck after a bad, bad game last week. I really like the idea of Julep Glitter Pots. I haven't seen many loose glitters made specifically for nail art, so it's nice to know that the glitter in these won't melt or anything crazy like some craft glitters do. 

If you'd like to become a Julep Maven, click HERE to use my referral link and get a great deal on your first Maven box!

- Aly

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  1. Wonderful mani~go Packers(my hometown boys) the QB is eye candy too !!!! wrap that belt!

  2. Thanks :D And yes, he sure is easy on the eyes! Go Pack Go!

  3. Your mani must have worked! They were on their game last night. <3 Rogers and Nelson! lol.

  4. What top coat do you use for over glitter? I'm still on the search for a perfect one to fully seal my glitters.

  5. Hi there! I always use Seche Vite. It's my favorite top coat because it dries super quickly. With a few layers, you can smooth out almost any polish!

  6. Let's hope my upcoming playoffs mani helps them out again :D

  7. <3 Packers! Im going to the playoff game tomorrow so i have to have green bay packer nails!

  8. OMG that is amazing! Have an awesome time!!