Day 18: Half Moons

4:09:00 PM

Today's challenge is Half Moons. I've always thought this was an elegant look, but I hadn't tried it out for myself until today. To be completely honest, this was harder than I expected! I tried using paper reinforcement stickers as little guides, but it just wasn't working. Since I am right-handed, I always do my left hand first as practice. Trust me, you do NOT even want to know how ugly my left hand turned out. :P Luckily for you, I always photograph my right hand. I guess that is a little backwards, since that means I am always showing you the painting and freehand skills of my non-dominant hand... Oh, well. I'm in the habit now and it seems silly to switch. By the time I got to my right hand, I decided to just freehand the half moons. They could be better, but I still like the look just how it turned out.

Anyway! I was really in a purple mood when I did this mani, so I chose OPI Pamplona Purple as the base. Pamplona Purple is a very red purple crème released in the Spain Collection, and it is one of my favorite go-to colors. For the second color, I chose Orly Rococo A-Go-Go, which was just released in the Mineral FX Collection.

I love this Orly SO much!

So, can we just talk about how gorgeous Rococo A-Go-Go is?! Honestly, it is just so pigmented and beautiful. The base is a very dark eggplant and it has lots of pretty duochrome glass flecks. Right after I first swatched it, I mentally put Orly Rococo A-Go-Go into my top 20. It's just amazing. Go buy it now if you haven't; the Mineral FX will be out of stores soon I'm sure. 

- Aly

P.S. Happy Friday, everyone! I had a long week and I think it's time we all appreciate the weekend :)

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