Dr.'s REMEDY Jolly & Joy Holiday 2011

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Today we have a full review of the Jolly & Joy Holiday 2011 Collection released by Dr.'s REMEDY. This collection consists of 5 lacquers, each one very appropriate for the season. This was my first experience with Dr.'s REMEDY and I have to say I am wholly impressed!! First, let's take a look at the swatches. Then I can rave about the formula :) All swatches are without base or top coat.

A shimmer-infused, Wizard of Oz-inspired shade of crimson
2 coats
I love the glowy look of this one. It is absolutely stunning and very bright. I think this is the perfect shade of red for the Holiday season. In fact, I think this will be what I wear on Christmas morning! 

A bombshell-boysenberry with subtle silver meshed throughout
2 coats
I don't love this one quite as much as REVIVE Ruby Red, but it is still quite beautiful. The shade is really nice against my skintone, but I wish it had that same glow as REVIVE Ruby Red.

A take on the classic tree-and-plant-inspired gem of a shade, 
with delicate glimmer and unparalleled amounts of glamour
2 coats
I love this! I have seen grass greens before, but never with such a strong silver shimmer running through. It's very flattering and the shimmer makes it totally unique to my collection.

SERENE Silver Glitter
A seasonal sizzler like no other: shine, chic, totally unique in the metallic scene
2 coats
Holy cow, I love this! It's called SERENE Silver Glitter, but it is super fun and colorful! This glitter is made up of silver, red, and blue glitters. I've never seen that combination before, and it is very dense.

A red-meets-copper spin that’s sequin-look-alike laden with high-shine and sparkle
2 coats
This is another super unique color! The reddish copper is very pretty and holiday appropriate. This one was dense as well, and covered easily with no dragging. 

Aren't they pretty? Each lacquer from the Jolly & Joy Collection covered smoothly in 2 thin coats, even the glitters! There isn't one color in this collection that I would not wear. REVIVE Ruby Red is so glowy and lit from within, I absolutely adore it. My other favorites are ESSENTIAL Emerald and SERENE Silver Glitter. 

The formula on these was sublime! Very smooth application, no streaks or pulling. I think that Dr.'s REMEDY did a great job on that. Before trying their lacquers, I thought the $17 price tag might be a little high but now I know it is completely worth it! The colors are unique, even to my huge collection, and the formula is lovely. Plus, they are all 3 Free and enriched with natural ingredients. It's nice to see a company putting hand and nail health at the forefront of their brand.

If you have your eye on one of these lacquers, they are currently on sale for a special price of only $14 at Dr.'s REMEDY or by calling 888-323-NAIL. 

Thanks for sticking with me through the long post. What do you think of the Dr.'s REMEDY Jolly & Joy Holiday 2011 Collection?

- Aly

**these products were provided for review**

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  1. I love Resolution! and I've never tried any Dr's Remedy because the price is a little daunting, but they seem to be completely worth it :)