Essie Go Overboard

11:13:00 PM

Happy Saturday!

Today I wore the lovely Essie Go Overboard. This another new Essie, just out for Spring 2012. Go Overboard is a gorgeous teal crème. It's a very pretty shade. I don't usually think of a dark teal as a typical spring color, but for me that is a bonus. I like the freedom to wear any shade any time of year!

Here is Essie Go Overboard, 2 coats.

When I first brought Go Overboard home, I realized I had a potential dupe on my hands! I had also recently purchased Revlon Fashionista, another teal crème. Here is a comparison of the two. Both are shown at 2 coats, no top coat.

As you can see, Fashionista is a bit bluer than Go Overboard. That said, they are pretty hard to tell apart in real life. If you don't have access to one, the other would honestly be just as good. I am glad I have both colors though, but that's just me :) I'm a polish hoarder!

- Aly

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  1. Hi Aly, I've never tried Essie nail polishes before, and hope to own some in the future. They come in lovely colors.

    I'm sending these Blog Awards to you, do check it out.

  2. Thanks so much for the award!

  3. Nice swatches! I just swatched Go Overboard, too ( The formula was different than most Essies - so thick!