Tammi's Tips! Cotton Candy Coma

5:41:00 PM

Today I have an AMAZING franken to show you. I bought this from Tammi on Etsy. She makes tons of different glittery frankens, all of which are beautiful. I picked up two, Cotton Candy Coma and Bi-Polar Bay.

Cotton Candy Coma has five different glitters in a gorgeous pink base. The pink is nice and soft, and the glitter really kicks the look up a notch. There are some beautiful holographic particles as well as bar glitters and some star-shaped glitters as well. Cotton Candy coma also seems to have iridescent glitters. Basically, it's one gorgeous pink glitter bomb.

Take a look at Cotton Candy Coma at 2 coats.

How gorgeous is this?! I am so impressed with the formula on this one. Tammi did a great job of making a glitter polish that still goes on smoothly. I am really in love with this polish.

If you'd like to purchase this or take a look at more Tammi's Tips! creations, CLICK HERE to see her Etsy shop. 

- Aly

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  1. Very pretty polish.

  2. I'm loving the shine and sparkle- so so pretty!