China Glaze For Audrey + Konad

4:33:00 PM

China Glaze For Audrey is a very well known color, and that's for a reason. It's almost the exact color of Tiffany blue, and it's gorgeous. It also applies incredibly well, and was opaque in 2 coats. Though these pictures lean a bit green, the color really is more of a robin's egg blue. Perfect for springtime!

Wow! I love this color. I had been lemming it for awhile and finally got it on ebay for about 3 dollars. It's gorgeous, and doesn't give me lobster hands like some colors in this family do.

I got a little bored after a day, so I decided to add some Tiffany jewelry inspired fauxnad to China Glaze For Audrey. I used Bundle Monster plates for the chain and diamond stamps, and China Glaze Delight to do them. Delight is a really good polish for stamping.

I liked this combo, it really looked like golden bronze jewelry. Swatching blues for Autism Awareness Month is getting tough. I'm really wanting to put some other colors on. I will probably run out soon, because I don't have nearly enough blue polish. Anyway, remember to check out Autism Speaks and maybe paint your nails blue too. :)

- Aly

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  1. I like how you did the chain links with the diamonds, very cool! :)

  2. @Natalie Thanks! I thought it'd be fun to make it look like jewelry :)

  3. It IS really like the Tiffany color!! Check out my Tiffany's nails;