Zoya Sunshine: Tanzy

3:13:00 PM

Here is the third lacquer from Zoya's Sunshine Collection that was released for this summer. Sunshine has 6 sparkling summery shades, each with lots of golden glitter. Zoya Tanzy is the perfect summer orange. Orange doesn't always look very good with my skin, but all the golden glitter in Tanzy made it look very nice on my skin tone. It applied well, like most Zoyas do. I needed 2 coats for opacity. The glitter in Tanzy is completely smooth to the touch, something I really like. It is a beautiful color for summer.

 This is 2 coats Zoya Tanzy and no top coat, so you can see the polish's shine.

It almost looks juicy!

Zoya Tanzy is a real winner for me. It's juicy, sparkly, bright, and so summery. It is flattering on my skin and easy to apply. The only downside was the annoying removal -- I ended up with glitters all over my fingers. Honestly, Tanzy is worth it though. It wears well and looks pretty. 

- Aly

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