OPI Go On Green!

12:33:00 PM

Here's another polish I picked up at the school salon. OPI Go On Green! has a finish very similar to that of OPI Significant Other Color. Both are semi-sheer duochromes with greenish finishes. I'd consider them nail polish cousins. They apply very similarly as well. Go On Green! started out incredibly sheer, and took 4 coats to build up. I actually enjoy the process of painting my nails, so it wasn't a problem for me, but I know this drives some girls crazy. One bad thing I noticed was a small amount of bubbling. You can see I have one annoying little bubble on my pinky fingernail.

The pictures are color accurate. OPI Go On Green! is a hazy blue polish with a green shimmer flash. I enjoyed wearing this polish and seeing the colors change as I moved my hands. The pictures are 4 coats OPI Go On Green! and 1 coat Seche Vite.

I tried to include some different angles to show off the green flash, but it didn't translate to the pictures as well as I had hoped. In real life, the green is more prominent. This polish glows on the nail. Very pretty!

- Aly

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