Zoya Sunshine: Reva and Kimmy

4:52:00 PM

I bought six colors from Zoya's summer collections, all of which are from the Sunshine half. I love the crèmes in Summertime too, but I couldn't afford to get them all. Here are the first two colors from Zoya Sunshine, Zoya Reva and Zoya Kimmy.

Reva is a beautiful fuchsia color, full of golden sparkle. All the Sunshine colors have this shimmery gold, and it really lights up the polishes and makes my skin tone look great. Reva covered excellently in two coats, and had a lot of shine on her own. I didn't add any top coat for the pictures. The removal was quite easy for a polish with so much glitter, though I did have some leftover glitters left on my fingers. Zoya Reva is truly gorgeous.

 With light through the window.
 In shade.
So pretty!

Kimmy is the second lacquer in Zoya's Sunshine Collection. Kimmy is a bright candy apple red color, again filled to the brim with that gorgeous golden microglitter. The pictures are two coats of Kimmy, with no top coat. You can see how naturally shiny she is!
 Kimmy without direct sunlight.
 Kimmy in window light.

I am really liking both of these colors. They are incredibly flattering, wear well, and apply well too. The golden microglitter adds a lot of depth and interest to these colors. Zoya Reva and Zoya Kimmy are both winners in my book :)

- Aly

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