Zoya Mod Matte Collection Review

12:11:00 PM

Zoya came out with a matte collection for summer, called Mod Matte. The colors are very bright and summery, and, of course, all have a matte finish. Zoya does mattes quite well, in that they aren't too difficult to apply. I never wear nail polish long enough to really test the wear on them, but they seemed okay throughout the day.

First up is Phoebe, a super bright blue with hidden shimmer. The shimmer really adds a lot to the color, and I think Phoebe is my favorite from the collection. This is 2 coats of Zoya Phoebe, no top coat.

Zoya Mitzi is an incredibly bright yellowy green. It was more flattering on my skin tone than expected. It doesn't have the shimmer that Phoebe has, but the color is so unique that I don't mind. This is 3 coats of Zoya Mitzi, no top coat.

Lolly is the final polish from the Zoya Mod Mattes. She's a bright pink matte, again without any shimmer. I kind of wish Lolly had shimmer, since the hot pink isn't a very unique color on its own. However, Zoya Lolly is still very pretty and summery. This is 2 coats Zoya Lolly, no top coat.

So what do you think? I liked all three. They are pretty, unique, and really deliver a nice matte finish. Keep in mind that Zoya is currently doing their Nail Polish Exchange, which is an awesome deal! You pay $4 a polish, including shipping and handling. They'll take any old polishes you don't want anymore and dispose of them properly. It's a pretty cool deal :)

In other news, I am getting close to 50 followers, so I'm putting together a giveaway for everyone :) Any requests?

- Aly

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