A Blurple Water Marble

5:31:00 PM

First, hello to all my new followers!! Thank you so much for reading. I love showing you all of my polishes, and thought I would show an old NoTD to you. It didn't turn out the best, but it is still pretty cool. I used China Glaze Coconut Kiss, OPI Dating a Royal, and OPI Black Onyx for the marbling. Underneath I had one coat of Pure Ice Skinny Dip as "underwear." I love mixing blue and purple, so I am calling this one my blurple water marble.

I was a bit disappointed in the opacity of this manicure. I wanted it to be bolder, but I still like it how it is. One thing that bugs me about water marbling is that sometimes I get weird bubbles when I do the design.   Does anyone know how not to get bubbles like that?

Anyway, I liked this mani. It was fun enough that I didn't remove it like 12 hours later, which I usually do.

- Aly

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  1. I love this marble. I also love blue and purple... I use the word blurple sometimes as well! : D

  2. Really nice!! I wish I could do a good marble sooner or later (I always make a mess)!

  3. Great job on the water marble! I like the colors you chose. To get rid of bubbles, poke them with your orange stick or needle, whichever you use. Also, I hear dipping your nail in slowly and removing slowly will also help to prevent bubbles.

  4. that's really cool. I like the color combo too.

  5. To get better opacity, I'd suggest using more than one drop of each color in the same spot, if that makes sense, or using a smaller cup to do the marbling, like a shot glass instead of a drinking up, because then the polish won't have that far to spread =]