OPI and China Glaze Spring Water Marbling Mani

4:39:00 PM

I originally did this springy water marbling mani for Easter, but I neglected to post until now. I used three bright colors, OPI Flit a Bit, OPI Don't Know...Beets Me!, and China Glaze For Audrey. I also used Pure Ice Skinny Dip as a base color, so that the marbling would show up brighter.

This was my most successful attempt yet at a water marbled manicure. I really liked it. Though there are some imperfections up close, it looked great throughout the days I wore it. I got many compliments.

I really like this technique, though I am not exactly an expert with it. It always looks unique and pretty, though it does use up lots of polish. I thought all the nails came out really well, but especially like the pinky nail.

How do you feel about water marbling? Do you know how to make it look cleaner than mine?

- Aly

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  1. I don't know how you did that yourself. That is amazing! I can barely paint my nails at all...

  2. I think it looks awesome!!! I love the colors that you chose for it. I haven't tried water marbling yet. I'm somewhat intimadated by it. But I love seeing when other people do it.

  3. i tried marbling once and omg what a freaking mess i made hehe!

    i love this colour combo and my fave is your pointer and pinky :)

    shel xx