50 Follower Giveaway -CLOSED-

12:32:00 PM

Wow! I didn't think I'd get to 50 followers this quickly. Thanks to everyone who follows :) I really love doing this little blog. It's a lot of fun, and it is so cool to me that people out there are actually reading my posts! I put together a little giveaway for you guys. Sorry to say, this giveaway is United States only. I just can't afford international shipping. It's rough being a college student :P

L to R: $OPI Nail Pads, Golden Rose Care+Strong 164, OPI Simply Smash-ing, 
MAC Studded Matte, China Glaze GR8

All of these are brand new and purchased by me. You must be a follower to enter, and there are extra entries available. I will be checking all entries, so please only enter once. Good luck to everyone who enters! 

This giveaway ends JUNE 25th

This giveaway is NOW CLOSED.

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  1. Great Giveaway!! :) Sad that its US only.. :D Love your blog by the way :)

  2. @Vermilion Art Sorry it's US only, I am hoping my next will be open internationally! Thanks :)

  3. sweet giveaway. enter me pgreenlee@wi.rr.com

  4. oops I'm so sorry, I forgot I entered your giveaway already. I reentered. sorry about that.

  5. @Arianne - No problem! Thanks for letting me know; I will delete one of your entries. Good luck!

  6. Lovely giveaway!

  7. oops i didn't read that it was US only...you can delete my entry haha

  8. I just entered and I honestly cannot remember if I already did. If I entered twice, please delete one of the entries! Sorry to be a pain!