OPI Banana Bandana

3:10:00 PM

I am finally back! I recently moved back home for the summer, and finally unpacked my camera. So here is an awesome summer color, OPI Banana Bandana. This polish is a buttery crème with a super subtle shimmer. In fact, I think I might be imagining the shimmer :) It applied like a jelly almost, and took 4 coats to be completely opaque. Normally I am not a big fan of four-coaters, but this is so pretty I don't mind. It has a squishy look to it, so I guess it's more of a jelly crème.

These pictures are 4 coats OPI Banana Bandana and 1 coat Seche Vite.

The next day, I added 1 coat of Nubar 2010 on top. 

I love this look! It kind of reminds me of easter eggs or something. Very pretty. Which way do you prefer?

Thanks for sticking with me when I was gone! I am so happy to be posting again :)

- Aly

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