On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: OPI Argenteeny Pinkini

1:12:00 PM

It's Pink Wednesday again! I love doing these Wednesday manis. Pink is so girly and fresh for me, because I rarely wear it. Today we have OPI Argenteeny Pinkini, a ladylike pink polish. Argenteeny Pinkini starts out sheer, but builds to opacity in 3 coats. The polish itself is a very light baby pink, with a hidden pinky shimmer. This color is refined and girly.

My swatches of OPI Argenteeny Pinkini are 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

This color isn't really my favorite for me, but I can see it looking great on a woman who's a little older than me and out of college. It's super work appropriate and very pretty, but I just like a little more pizzazz in my polishes. OPI Argenteeny Pinkini is a nice polish, but it's not for me.

What do you think of it? What's your favorite work polish?

- Aly

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  1. I think it's classy. It inspired me to paint my nails, and I haven't done that in ages.

  2. @Nicole Wow! I am glad I could inspire you :) Have fun painting!

  3. Thank you! It already chipped because I wash my hands so much... : (