Mattése Elite Carnaval Collection

5:54:00 PM

I was recently sent some of the Mattése Elite Carnaval Collection, and I am in love! The collection is built on the theme of Brazil's Carnaval. Now, if you know anything about Carnaval, you know it is one big, bright, crazy party! Mattése Elite captured that mood perfectly with the polishes. I have 3 to show you today: Desfiles de Samba, Rainha, and Rei Momo.

Desfiles de Samba is a super bright green jelly crème. Mattése Elite describes it as "parade-worthy" and it definitely lives up to the name. Application was easy, though it did take 3 coats to reach opacity.

Rainha, which means "queen" in Portuguese, is another very bright polish. This one is a true crème, described as "regal baby pink." Again, the description is spot on with this color. It was super pigmented and covered well in 2 coats.

Rei Momo is my favorite of the three colors I received. It is a "high-voltage hot pink" crème according to Mattése Elite. Rei Momo leans almost red, a seriously bright neon pink. This was also very pigmented, and was opaque in 2 easy coats.

I also did a quick comparison between these two pinks. It's crazy how they are both bright pink crèmes, but they look so different! Rei Momo definitely leans red, whereas Rainha is a true bright baby pink. 

These gorgeous Mattése Elite shades retail at $5.99 and are exclusive to Ricky's NYC stores and the Ricky's NYC Website. There are 4 other shades in the Carnaval Collection as well. I have my eye on the bright purple crème.

- Aly

** these products were sent for review**

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  5. Me too! It is super unique to my collection!

  6. I love this shade of green! Wish I had one! :)