Garbo Meets Glitter

12:48:00 PM

So, it's Pink Wednesday. How about a muted rosy red instead?

Zoya Garbo is a super shiny rosy red jelly. The color has that lovely squishy look that makes jellies so special. I also like the muted look Garbo has. Despite being a red, it isn't garish. Instead, it is very classy looking and with lots of squishy depth.

On top of 3 coats of Zoya Garbo, I added some glitter by Love & Beauty. Now the name of the glitter is something dumb like Silver Glitter. How original :) Luckily, the beautiful glitter itself makes up for the stupid name. On my ring finger, I did 2 coats. On the others, I fished out glitter and placed it in a line down the nail's center.

I really like the glitter lines. It is kind of like a subdued version of the rhinestone look I did a little while ago. Plus, everyone loves a glitterbomb accent nail!

- Aly

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  1. It's very pretty. I really like the glitter lines too - sooo classy!!

  2. The glitter stripes look so tedious, but worth it:)

  3. It actually wasn't too bad! I put a drop of polish on paper and then used a dotting tool to pick up and place the individual glitters. It was fun :)

  4. Aw, thanks so much!

  5. LOVE the glitterbomb nail (of course!) and the glitter lines! :)

  6. Love it ^_^

  7. I am so in awe of your skill for making the perfect glitter line! Go you!