Wet N Wild Ice Baby: Cost Is No Issue

6:51:00 PM

A while ago I bought most of the Ice Baby glitters by Wet N Wild. I had planned to swatch them all sequentially, but I got distracted. Now a few months later, take a look at Cost Is No Issue!

Cost Is No Issue is a very pretty mix of turquoise microglitter and larger blue hex glitter. It is also very, very close to Nails Inc. Fitzroy Square. Now, I am all for saving money on bargain nail polish, so that makes me a happy girl :) The application was AWESOME. Glitter can be finicky, but I was able to reach full opacity with just 2 easy coats.


I am loving this glitter. Easy application and a lovely look. I think that Wet N Wild really hit it out of the park on this whole Ice Baby collection. 

- Aly

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  1. I love these color icon polishes so much!

  2. Jacqueline GlumalidMarch 17, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    Hi! Isn't this messy to apply? :)


  3. It actually was not messy at all! I am super impressed by the formula!

  4. Me too! What a gorgeous collection :)