Sinful Colors Zeus

9:09:00 PM

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Their formula is quite good, and they often come out with unique colors. Zeus is one of those original beauties.

Sinful Colors recently released a collection called Cast Away. The whole collection has a Greek theme, and this polish is named after Zeus, the god of sky and thunder according to Greek mythology. I definitely think this polish fits the name, it's like a gorgeous evening sky. Sinful Colors Zeus is a dusty purple with a strong pink shimmer. And it is very, very pretty!


What a gorgeous, unique shade! I have nothing close to this in my collection. The shade of purple leans blue-ish periwinkle, and I love that dusty look. Very demure and classy. Zeus is a perfect example of a drugstore gem. A gorgeous polish, and quite cost effective. Sinful Colors is a lovely brand, and I am thoroughly impressed by Zeus.

- Aly

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  1. Beautiful dusty shimmery blue! Love it!

  2. I love Sinful Colors, they have great colors and they only cost $2 you can't beat that!

  3. Love this color! That display hasn't popped up here yet but I am waiting for it.

  4. Keep looking - it is worth the wait!

  5. I totally agree!! They deserve more attention, I think!