Color Club Revvvolution Swatches

7:51:00 PM

Color Club Revvvolution is amazing! It's the first holographic polish I've tried, and I love it. Plus it has an adorable name :) I don't want to take it off! The application was quite easy, especially considering holo polishes can be difficult to apply. It took only one coat for full coverage, which is pretty awesome. I'm not wearing any top coat today, since that can diminish the holographic effect.

Look how gorgeous these pictures are :)

 Under lamplight, no flash. Look at the little rainbows!

With flash. "Wow" is all I can say.

Here it is a little bit blurred. This really shows the holo effect.

Sadly, I didn't catch any pictures of this baby outside. I'll try to get some tomorrow, because you guys need to see how great this holo looks in the sunshine. Still, it looks great in these indoor pictures too. Color Club Revvvolution is a winner.

- Aly

P.S. Happy birthday to my friend Tiffany! You'll be getting some brand new OPI as a gift as soon as I see you :)

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  1. I FEEL LIKE THE COOLEST PERSON EVER! Tiffany loves Aly who Loves Lacquer! :D

  2. You ARE the coolest person ever :)