Zoya Mod Matte and Sunshine Collections

4:38:00 PM

Zoya has some new summer collections coming out: SunshineSummertime, and some new Mod Mattes.  Sunshine is going to consist of six polishes that are "infused with a glowing golden metallic sparkle," according to Zoya's website. Summertime will be six cremes in "bold, luscious shades." The mattes should have the same finish as previous Zoya matte polishes, but the website offers no description.

Check out the promo pictures for the matte polishes.

These are Phoebe, Mitzi, and Lolly

I ordered Sunshine and a mini sampler of the Mattes. I can't wait to see them on; they look great! I skipped out on Summertime only because I already have plenty of summery creme polishes. If I were a millionaire, you can bet I'd have purchased that set as well. 

I love how Zoya seems to make some of the most unique colors. Some brands just churn out collections with only 1 or 2 interesting colors, but Zoya always has plenty of great new shades. Check back in a week or so; I plan to put up swatches of all the colors.


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