Milani Totally 80's

11:10:00 PM

I bought this polish, along with NYX Robotic, from Jen the PolishAholic's blogsale. She still has many great polishes left and everything is priced really well. Thanks Jen!

Milani Totally 80's is from the Neon Collection. It's my first Milani polish, and I had no problems with it. I was actually very surprised to find it dried with a sheen to it, instead of drying matte like many neons. It was quite sheer at first, and required 4 coats to build up. Though that is a lot of coats, I didn't mind because the payoff was great. The color reminds of the color of tennis balls. It's a fun color, and very summery. In the pictures I'm wearing 4 coats of Milani Totally 80's and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

           As you can see, this color really glows.
           I liked it a lot more than I expected to,
           and it didn't give me crazy lobster hands.

Here she is under flash. This really shows just how bright Totally 80's is!

This polish was a pleasant surprise. If all Milani polishes have a formula like this one, I am going to fall in love with the brand. The application was great.

- Aly

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