Great Current Giveaways!

12:11:00 AM

Some of my favorite blogs have giveaways going on right now. I highly recommend entering, because they have some great prizes.

Ria from Serious Stuff About Lif...Oooh shiny! is having a giveaway to celebrate her (almost) 1 year blogiversary. She's a month away. The prizes include MAC and NYX lipsticks and Korres polishes, plus she's letting you pick what colors you get. Also, look at the adorable owl she's using to represent the giveaway. One of the options for an extra entry is to give it a name :) I think that is a pretty cute idea, and I chose Belinda. She looks like a Belinda to me.

The PolishAholic is also celebrating a one-year blogiversary. She has some great prizes, including the entire Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber collection and the entire OPI Texas collection. She is also giving away Misa polishes, including Genie in this Bottle, a personal lemming. Here's a picture of another grouping of polishes up for grabs:

L to R: CG He's Going in Circles, Maybelline Colorama Ice Princess, CG TMI, CG Blk-Bila-Bong,  OPI Red Dazzle, and OPI Black Shatter.

Oooh Shinies!  is also holding a giveaway right now. She's doing it simply because she wanted to thank all her readers for being so great, which I think is very sweet. She also has some awesome prizes, including really great Color Club polishes. She's also giving away China Glaze, Catrice, Essence, and Golden Rose. Here's a picture of the Color Club polishes: 

This is (from L to R) Alias, Total Mystery, and Secret Rendezvous.

So that's the update. All the giveaways have options for extra entries. Good luck to all who enter!

- Aly

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