Sinful Colors and Love & Beauty Funky French

2:57:00 PM

Today I opted for a bright funky French. The weather cooled off today, so I wanted to brighten my spirits with this manicure. Here are the colors I used:

Sinful Colors Dream On, Love & Beauty Charcoal

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite drugstore brands. The application started of very streaky and sparse, but after 3 moderate coats it looked great. Though the photo doesn't really show it, Dream On is a neon fuchsia. It dried matte, as neons tend to do. The pictures aren't color accurate. I think the neon was freaking out my camera. Imagine the fuchsia ten times brighter :) 

For the tips, I used Charcoal by Love & Beauty. Love & Beauty is available at Forever 21. Charcoal is very pretty. It is a charcoal black base with lots of greyish-silver shimmer. 

I used Scotch tape to do the tips. I am terrible at making straight lines without some sort of tape. I think it turned out nicely!

- Aly

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  1. I know this comment is belated. I am looking for ideas for a funky French mani, and Google led me here. My nails are short and I didn't think it could be done, you did very nicely with this.

  2. @Thalie -- Thanks! I am glad you like it :) Thanks for following