Born Pretty: Essie Absolutely Shore with Orly Fresh

12:02:00 PM

Happy Friday, everyone! This morning I worked out and I am seriously pooped out. So this will be a quick post so I can sneak in a nap before I am off to work.

I recently picked up Absolutely Shore, a pastel green polish from Essie's recent Braziliant collection. This lacquer is the lightest of greens which manages to be a nice soft color without being stark. Essie Absolutely Shore applied beautifully, especially considering it's a pastel. It looked very streaky with one coat, but everything smoothed out nicely with the second coat.

After letting Absolutely Shore dry, I decided to stamp with a Born Pretty plate and Orly Fresh, a bright green crème. The Born Pretty plates are easy to use and great quality! The design I picked is a nice paisley found on plate m64. The numbers are exactly the same as Konad plates, so if you don't have access to one brand it's easy to find the same design somewhere else.

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to wear this exact mani all over again! I absolutely love this combination. The bright green and the pastel green look great together, and they also make my skin look nice and tan. Essie Absolutely Shore and Orly Fresh are like best friends! 

What do you think of this combo?

- Aly

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